Fiberglass probuilders
FRP Translucent Sheet is a kind of natural lighting product which is shaped through automated machine. It is composed ofnon-soda fiberglass, reinforced polyester resin, high-performance and anti-ageing film(or gel) and additives. Skylite FRP sheet is highly appraised by all customers because of its special properties: bright and clean appearance, light weight and high performance, high light transmittance, anti-corrosion, fireproofing, accurate cross-section size, no water seepage, optional length, easy installation and long service life (as long as 15-30 years). It can provide natural lighting for a large variety ofbuildings, such as animal barns, greenhouses, industrial workshops, residential buildings or be used as wall lighting, cover plate and base plate of solar water heater and any places which need long-term natural lighting.


Cellular foams offer high levels of  dimensional accuracy and stability that make then ideal for applications where repeatability and consistency are essential.

The predictable performance of cellular foams enable simple or complicated applications to be accurately predicted, tested and proved. Properties within dynamic, acoustic and thermal fields are a major reason why our foams are so successful.

Our foams overcome the problem of creep within static loading as witnessed by many other materials.

Cellular foams offer great performance in the radiation, conduction and convection of heat, hence why it is the preferred material for thermal applications.

The buoyancy and resistance to moisture and vapour enable these materials to excel in many marine, leisure, construction and packaging applications.

All of our foams are CFC Free and fully recyclable

Glass wool and mineral wool

Probuilders glass woll and mineral wool
Glass wool is made from silica sand, an inorganic raw material, which is obtained domestically. It is produced through heating silica sand at 1200˚C - 1250˚C and transforming it into fibres. It can be manufactured in the forms of blanket, board, pipe or loose in different size and with different technical properties, with different facing materials according to the indented use and the place of use. It is used for thermal insulation, sound insulation, acoustic comfort as well as fire safety.
Mineral wool through its individual fibers conduct heat very well, when pressed into rolls and sheets, their ability to partition air makes them excellent heat insulators and sound absorbers. Though not immune to the effects of a sufficiently hot fire, the fire resistance of fiberglass, stone wool andceramic fibers makes them common building materials when passive fire protection is required, being used as spray fireproofing, in studcavities in drywall assemblies and as packing materials in firestops.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel

Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance and familiar lustre make it an ideal material for many applications. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, of which fifteen are most commonly used. The alloy is milled into coils, sheets, plates, bars, wire, and tubing to be used in cookware, cutlery, household hardware, surgical instruments, major appliances, industrial equipment (for example, in sugar refineries) and as an automotive and aerospace structural alloy and construction material in large buildings. Storage tanks and tankers used to transport orange juice and other food are often made of stainless steel, because of its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties. This also influences its use in commercial kitchens and food processing plants, as it can be steam-cleaned and sterilized and does not need paint or other surface finishes.

With different thickness and dimensions, we provide high quality machined stainless steel rolls and sheets in different alloys.